2 comments on “What does your audience see?

  1. Good point on specializing the look of your blog/website to your specific audience. If I’m going to write about my daily experiences with hallucinogens, I’m not going to want the boring Purdue-style academic layout to look more professional and draw in the wrong audience. Likewise, if I’m posting about my scholarly research in the field of etymology, I can’t very well have a background of glowing mushrooms and dancing smurfs (I’m actually going to have to look into finding that theme now). After all, as Casagrande says, the “reader is thy God” and we don’t want to piss off God now, do we?

    • It really should not be an issue about who we anger but what we want to maintain. Not everyone can be google or facebook, but it is a whole lot easier to be the one guy that is drawing that one comic or showing you interesting pictures and if that is all your audience comes for, then your job is done. If someone comes back consistently for a rant, that still counts as a regular visitor.

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